Saturday, January 19, 2008


For the second time this week Atlanta has had snow! Of course it would have been more fun if the kids had gotten out of school on Thursday. But the roads were clear, and the buses rolled, so it was off to school they went.
It would have been better for us clergy types if the snow had not come on Saturday. Many churches have already cancelled services for tomorrow. Ironically, the bulletin paragraphs that I wrote were about our snow policy!
In a nutshell here's the policy: if the school district cancels school, all church activities are cancelled and the church offices are closed. If it snows on Sunday, we will still have services, but we strongly recommend you stay home if the roads are unsafe.
I live on the church campus, so safety is not an issue for me. I will conduct 8:15, 9:30, and 11:00 services for all who are intrepid enough to brave the elements. It may be an unusual service depending on what staff members are able to make it in.
This morning we sent out an email to over 2,000 people letting them know of our plans for tomorrow. Several outgoing voice mail greetings at the church have been changed as well. The church website should also have an update this afternoon that will let you know of our plans.
If you can't make it in the morning, I encourage you to join together with any family members you may have around you for prayer, and little Bible reading, and maybe a hymn or two. Then enjoy your family and neighbors and the beauty of the snow!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Bible

Abingdon Press is developing a new Wesley Study Bible that will be available next year. It's time now, however, to choose the final name for the Bible. Abingdon would like your opinion on three possible titles listed in the survey found in the link below.

Abindon wants to have feedback from a wide variety of people, so they have requested pastors and staff members to have as many laypeople complete the survey as possible. The survey will take only a couple of minutes to complete, and they would love to have a great response from church professionals and lay people alike. I thought I would do my part by posting their request on my blog.

To start the survey, please click on the link below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What's On My Ipod

Tonight at our Wednesday Night Supper I was talking about running with my Ipod shuffle. One of our members said, "That'd be a good thing for your blog, 'What's on My Ipod'".

Now, what you need to know is that I am entirely obsessive-compulsive. I recieved a $50 gift card for ITunes last year for Christmas while I was in Iraq. So, an entire year ago I decided that when I returned to the US I would use the card, over a period of time, to catch up on what was "hot" in the music world in America. So the following list represents my attempt to remain relevant to the youth of our community. I use the shuffle while running, which was a big "no-no" in Iraq, but I did it anyway!

What's on my ipod (at least right now)

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

It's Not over - Daughtry

Home - Daughtry

Over You - Daughtry

Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

Paralyzer - Finger Eleven

How to Save a Life - The Fray

The Sweet Escape - Gwen Stephani

Waiting for the World to Change - John Mayer

Pictures of You - The Last Goodnight

First Time - Lifehouse

Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5

Wake Up Call - Maroon 5

How Far We've Come - Matchbox Twenty

Say It Right - NellyFurtado

If Everyone Cared - Nickleback

Who Knew - Pink

Little Wonders - Rob Thomas

Into the Night - Santana

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Apologize - Timbaland

There's no telling what will be on my ipod in the next few weeks. The terrible thing is that I didn't get the Ipod nano for Christmas that I wanted. I would have settled for the 4 Gig, no need for the 8 gig (like my daughter got!). But I'm not hurt. . .much.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution is to start back to running and get back in shape.

For those of you who know me well it may surprise you that I have not been running. Running became a passion for me over thirteen years ago. At my peak I had run 7 marathons and countless 5 and 10k's and half-marathons. Three and a half years ago I began to slow down, and was unable to run as far as I had in the past. I could still click off seven minute miles, but that was much slower than I had run in the past and I could not sustain it for the 10-20 miles that I had at my peak.

My annual stress echo cardiogram showed why - my mitral valve was failing. Within a week of diagnosis I had open-heart surgery to repair the valve. I thought I would be back up and running in a matter of weeks. The truth is that I did not even feel human for 11 months. But I started from scratch and worked my way up to 12 miles before being called to active duty in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I continued to run in Iraq, but that was somewhat counter productive. I would be a few miles into a run, and mortars would start falling. You can't really get into the groove if you have to stop and run for cover every few miles. Then I had a physical, and discovered I had high levels of CO2 in my bloodstream. Where I served had exhaust from generators, trucks, aircraft, and, oh yeah, an open burn pit the size of New Jersey. My doc suggested I run inside on a treadmill.

So, I'm starting over from scratch. This afternoon Chris and I went out for a mile run. Not far, and not fast, but my first run in three months. My goal is to start slow and easy and build from there. Remembering the acronym SAM (specific, achievable, and measurable) for goals I will set my first goal as the completion of a 10K by this spring. I hope to be able to run it fast enough to be seeded in this year's Peachtree Road Race.

I'm telling you this so you can hold me accountable - that's a good spiritual word. So every time you see me, ask me if I'm keeping my New Year's Resolution!

Tell me yours and I'll be your accountability partner.